Can you tell a successful campaign
when you see it?

The difference is 5¢

Participants in a fund-raising test were asked to make a $14.00 donation. In one test, they were sent 6 cents to add to the $14; the other test was sent 11 cents. Which campaign worked better? Give us your opinion and you could win an Amazon Kindle.

Tell us which campaign was more successful and why,
and win a chance at a FREE Amazon Kindle!

so we can contact you if you win

Contest Rules

First of all there are no rules! Just be creative with your explanation of your decision. Creativity is the basis of successful campaigns. Your fun participation and creativity could win you an Amazon Kindle and give you an introduction to the amazingly creative direct marketing team at Direct Dimensions. We use innovative ideas to power the best campaigns. So show us your best and we can show you ours... Can promise you it will be worth every penny.